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End Cap Rubber Seal

If the End Cap rubber seal does not seat flush around the base of the titanium end cap, you get a condition where the aluminum retaining seal does not fit properly. When this happens you can have a non-functioning button, water leak, or a case where you can't tighten the carbon tube. This video demonstrates how to fix the issue.

Front Ring 

This video describes how to install the Front Ring correctly. 

Four Light Modes

The C57 has four light modes. The video shows how to use the Atlas Button to operation the modes and describes mode memory.

Carbon and Tactical Configurations

The Atlas C57 has two configurations- Carbon and Tactical. This video will show you how to set each configuration.


This video describes how to dissassemble and reassemble the C57.

Replacing the Lens

How to remove the Heat Shield o-ring and lens

Heat Shield is Loose

How to fix the situation where the Heat Shield comes off when attempting to remove the End Cap Assembly.

Atlas Clip Installation

How to install the Atlas Clip in position one and position two.

USB Li-ion Charger

How to charge your 18650 battery and what the lights represent.

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